Experience Independence

Welcome to the future of dental hygiene!

Treat patients with full autonomy while building equity in YOUR
business. Our goal is to disrupt the dental industry to create a future
where hygienists work autonomously as specialists.

Be Your Own Boss!

Hygienists have worked for dentists for too long, it’s time for
hygienists to go their own way, and in doing so change the field of dentistry forever!

Experience Dental Hygiene is here to help you get there.

We want to create a shift in the dental care market and see independent hygiene practices become the new normal for oral cleanings and screenings! We want to work together to help you build the office of your dreams!

Since the 1980’s, Hygienists have been able to open their own clinics.

So where are they?

The Colorado Dental Hygiene Association estimates that there are less than 30 independently owned hygiene clinics in Colorado, while there are over 1,500 independent dental offices. The reason there are so few independent hygiene offices is because until now there hasn’t been any way for hygienists to coordinate economies of scale, market as a group, negotiate for better prices, and demand insurances pay them fairly.


Experience Dental Hygiene partners will be invited to join us for networking events and humanitarian trips abroad, where we will share knowledge and help underserved populations.


What dental practices have done in the
past is not enough. We believe in going outside of our comfort zone and choosing new paths forward.


One of our primary goals is to be carbon-negative, we achieve this by planting a tree for each new patient seen by one of our providers. Since 2019 we have planted over 5000 trees. Join us in our commitment to helping the environment by doing the same!


We all want to make a difference in the world, it gives us purpose, and goals to achieve. Helping hygienists gain their freedom and empowering them to practice independently is our goal.


Everyone has a voice and everyone gets fair treatment. You will always see our doctors and managers speaking to the team with respect and lifting them up.

Meet the team

Decades of Combined Business Administration Experience!

Dr. Adam Altdorfer

Dr. Adam Altdorfer aims to provide efficient, state of the art dental care to patients in a friendly, stress and pain free environment at Experience Dental. He enjoys talking with his patients to help them understand their oral healthcare needs and make well informed decisions to reach their treatment goals. He believes that with the right care and guidance, anyone can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. He is also passionate about bridging access to care issues in Colorado through promoting collaboration between dentists and independent hygienists, through Experience Dental Hygiene. When he is not helping his patients achieve the smile of their dreams, Dr. Adam loves spending time outdoors with his family skiing and hiking, and has a true passion for wildlife photography.

Dr. Jeremy Altdorfer

Dr. Jeremy Altdorfer is focused on providing an experience his patients will fondly remember. During his years of training, he realized the importance of showing compassion, focusing on patient-centered attention, and helping patients feel welcome and appreciated. Dr. Jeremy is committed to always operating Experience Dental efficiently, professionally, and with patients’ best interest as a top priority. He has an appreciation for the environment and has pledged to plant a tree for each new patient. He also believes that supporting the establishment of more independent dental hygiene practices through Experience Dental Hygiene will benefit patients, hygienists and doctors alike. Outside of the office, he has many interests, including spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, skiing, oil painting, and white-water rafting.

As an Independent Hygienist

  • Be a leader in revolutionizing dental hygiene!
  • Find the perfect location for your practice!
  • Design and decorate your space!
  • Buy equipment you love!
  • Set your own schedule!
  • Network with other offices!
  • Treat patients the way you want!
  • Earn more money!
  • Grow and expand your business!
  • Build equity!
  • Run your business your way!
  • You are the boss!

Why work with us?

Experience Dental started in December 2019, a few months later we were shut down by crippling Covid-19 restrictions. Most startups at that time just went under… for a while we thought we would fail. Being born in such harsh conditions, Experience Dental learned to be an innovative and adaptable company, and as a result grew 5x in the first year and opened a second location. A big lesson we learned was to think outside the box while helping others be successful. That’s when the idea for Experience Dental Hygiene was born and we soon launched our first independent hygiene location in record time. We know this novel market better than anyone and how to leverage economies of scale to maximize your profit margins. We are ready to help you launch the practice of your dreams today!

Disclaimer: Please utilize the form on our website as the exclusive method of contacting us. Our clinic phone line is dedicated solely to existing patients. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring efficient communication.

Ready to Start?

Your journey begins with understanding our vision, discussing any questions, signing necessary documents, and securing finances. We’re here to guide you every step of the way toward independence and success.

Join the first-ever Colorado independent hygienist provider network today!
Three easy steps to get started:
Start Seeing Patients in YOUR office!

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